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Blooming Grove United Methodist Church
Sunday, July 22, 2018
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July 2018 - Thoughts From Pastors J.J. and Stefanie Morgan...



“From now on, these eyes will not be blinded by the lights. From now on, what’s waited till tomorrow starts tonight. ...And we will come back home, and we will come back home, home again....”

A few weeks ago, my family watched “The Greatest Showman.” It is a musical, loosely based on the life of P.T. Barnum (of Barnum and Bailey Circus fame). Since we rented it, our family has become a bit obsessed with the soundtrack. (Okay, it is us girls that are obsessed. The boys of the home are not so much.) The songs are soaring showstoppers and sweet ballads, and we listen to them multiple times most days.

As we were listening to the final song, it hit me what a powerful message it has within it. The song, “From Now On”, happens when Barnum has a crucible moment in his life. He comes to realize through this crisis what truly matters to him. This man, who has spent his life trying to accumulate wealth, accolades, and fame, realizes that life isn’t about any of that. All of the work, and sweat, and pain that he has been through in his life accumulate to nothing when he is faced with the possibility of losing what is truly important to him...his family. The trappings of the world don’t compare to the treasure of love.

It is Barnum’s prodigal son moment....realizing what he had, and what he has lost. And he journeys back to his family to seek forgiveness and restoration in their

We all come to crossroads in our lives, crisis moments, crucible moments. Times when we realize what we truly care about, who we love, what is the most important. It is part of living in a broken, hurting world that challenges come, and some- times we breeze through them, but other times it is a struggle to get to the other side. We go through pain and heartache. Grief is a burden we carry. Loneliness runs deep, our souls ache to be known. The things that are the most important to us rise to the surface, and those are the things that we protect and care for.

As sons and daughters of God, we can run away from God in those moments. We can run away from the love of the Savior.

Or we can come back home. We can journey back to God, to seek forgiveness and restoration. And God always welcomes us back home.

Over and over again we can return. Each time we begin
to stray, we are invited back. Welcomed back. Wrapped up in the loving arms of the God who created us. We are welcomed back home to the truth found in Christ. Home to center ourselves in the love of the Father. Back home to be renewed and strengthened
by the Spirit. This home, found in the presence of God, is our ultimate home, and we are created to be with God.

No matter where you may find yourself today, running from God or clinging tightly to the cross, know that God is always there to welcome you back home. Don’t waste another moment, run into His loving arms. Don’t wait until tomorrow, because we are never promised more that this moment. And God is always there, ready with open arms, when you come back home.