9:45 A.M. Sunday School -- 10:45 A.M. Sunday Worship
Blooming Grove United Methodist Church
Saturday, January 18, 2020
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

BGUMC Upcoming Events


    January 2020  

  • See this month's newsletter for full details regarding each event.   
    Sunday, January 12th - A Morning of Celebration!
    9:45 - 10:30 A.M. 2nd Sunday Funday
    Celebrating Nature & One Another
    January's inter-generational 2nd Sunday Funday will hold adventures in two parts!  We invite all members, and all ages, of the congregation to join in the fun in the Fireside Room.  
    • Part 1:  We will be thinking of our fine-feathered friends and celebrating the beauty and joy they bring into our lives in these cold and bleak winter months.  We will create easy-to-make pinecone peanut butter bird feeders to take home and hang in your yard.  
    • Part 2:  We will create ornaments symbolizing all of the gifts and talents shared by (and with) the congregation of BGUMC thoughout the year (mowing the lawn, tracking finances, paying the bills, plowing snow, knitting prayer shawls, baking treats for Sunday mornings, reinforcing swing sets, cleaning up after ourselves, etc.) - to be hung in the sanctuary as part of morning worship.
    10:45 A.M. - Morning Worship
    An Epiphany Celebration of All who Share God's Love and Light
    During our time together in worship, we will celebrate the Baptism of Our Lord, celebrate God's naming of each of us as God's childen, and celebrate and express thanks for the gifts of time, talent, and treasures that we each share in the ministry of BGUMC.  We will bring down our little pencil tree from the attic and hang the ornaments created during the morning's 2nd Sunday Funday gathering.  For each gift of service/self/light that is named and hung on the tree, we will add a battery tea-light-candle to a tall-tiered bright and shiny Epiphany Green assembly on the altar table, showing that each individual light is important and makes a difference, and that when we share those lights together, we can do more than we could ever imagine.  Added together, they represent God's love and light that we can share with one another and the world.
    Thursday, January 16th
    6:00 P.M. - BGUMC United Methodist Women Gathering at Char Frankenberry's home
    Thursday, January 23rd
    11:30 A.M. - BGUMC Prayer Brunch at Olivia's Restaurant in Owatonna