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Blooming Grove United Methodist Church
Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Appointment of Pastor Kathy King - effective 6/30/2019


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September 2021 - Message From Pastor Kathy King


"Called to Appreciate"  


Numbers 6:24-26:  The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on youand be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace. NIV

It is time to write our September newsletter article already. It is incredible that our summer is quickly passing by but as I gave Mikayla a hug and wished her my best, I was reminded that our Alexia returned to St. Scholastica Friday (August 20th) too. God blesses our community with our young people and we wish them all our best as those who graduated this past year and prior years seek the education that will lead to careers for each of them.

One of the recent conference newsletters provided the link to an article that spoke to the hearts of some in leadership roles in our parish. “Don’t Count Out Small, Rural Churches” spoke to the good things happening in churches like those who make up our Prairie Lakes Parish. The article made three important points:

  1. Small, rural churches can still thrive if they focus on the needs of their community.

  2. Fixation on youth, contributions and attendance can be counterproductive.

  3. Rural churches have a better chance if they work from a sense of possibility rather than fear.

How good it is to see in print some of the good things that have long been a part of our three churches but to also be reminded how our individual communities can better focus on what our futures can be. These points lead me to ask questions.

  1. Are we focusing on the right needs in our work in our communities?

  2. Are we being more intentional about attracting new members than we are in caring for our

    members who continue their faith journeys in our midst?

  3. Can we move to “a sense of possibility rather than fear?”

In the months to come, perhaps we can bring these questions to mind in our gathering. We have such rich histories in our communities. We need to seek God’s grace as we walk as disciples of Christ to appreciate one another in what we do and who we are.

Know that your Pastor and her chauffer appreciate each one of you. You fill our hearts with your caring and your grace. The words from the “benediction” provided in Numbers 6 are those that remind each of us of how it is that we can provide words of comfort in our gathering and in our leave-taking. It is my wish that as we think about who we are as “the Church”, that we hold one another graciously and kindly. In these last days of summer and those of early fall, may the Lord bless you-always. May his face be turned toward you, graciously providing you with his peace.

Live kindly!