10:30 A.M. Sunday Worship -- 9:30 A.M. Sunday School (beginning September 23rd)
Blooming Grove United Methodist Church
Tuesday, September 18, 2018
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

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September 2018 - Thoughts From Pastors J.J. and Stefanie Morgan...



There is something that is happening in the world. There is a stirring, a discontent with the way things are, and a longing for more. Christians around the world are praying for revival, for a new stirring of the Holy Spirit to fall afresh on believers and for our faith to be on fire once again.

Revival begins within communities of those who already believe. The Great Awakening, The Second Great Awakening, every movement of revival and renewal has first begun within the body of believers and then moved outwards, bringing the Gospel to those who don’t know Jesus. But it has always begun with those who are already on the “inside”, those who have roots of faith, but have perhaps lost their passion for their faith. The Holy Spirit begins first to move within them, and the joy and zeal cannot be contained.

Revival and renewal is all part of what we have spent the last month preaching about. We have laid out ways in which we, as individuals, can be strengthened and encouraged in our faith, in order to rekindle the fire that the Church once had.

We begin renewal with ourselves. We grow in our faith through individual spiritual practices, acts that nurture and deepen our faith. Prayer, meditation, reading the Scriptures and study, fasting, tithing and stewardship, and self-examination are ways in which we can draw nearer to God and enhance our personal faith life.

Faith also develops through acts of service and witness. This isn’t just about doing good deeds, or about social justice, but it is about justice and action in the name of Christ. It is a tangible witness to the power of the Gospel in our lives. When our hands serve others, we become the hands of Christ, nurturing and loving others. This church offers many ways of being Christ to the world, and each of us is invited to participate in whatever way that we can, through being a part of serving, through prayer, or through financial support.

We also grow our faith by being in community with other believers. As the proverb says, “Iron sharpens iron.” We deepen our faith when we are challenged, and can learn, and can discuss it with other believers. We gather weekly to worship because we know that in that time together, we are coming to- gether to bring honor and praise to God. Christianity is not a solitary religion. We are called to be in community with other believers, called to gather together to give our thanks and praise to God. We come to worship, not for own sake, but for God’s. The focus of worship is to honor God, and God alone. Worship can happen in small groups also, where two or more gather, because Christ is in their midst. It becomes worship when the intention is to focus on bringing glory to God, rather than trying to meet our own needs and desires.

And finally, our faith grows by sharing it with others. When we invite others in, when we offer hospitality that welcomes and loves, we connect more deeply with God. Often times, this is the hardest part of our faith...giving it away to another. But if our lives are changed through the life-giving power of Christ, why wouldn’t we want to tell others about it? We are so good at sharing our opinions and thoughts on so many things...politics, television, music, the weather...but we become timid when it comes to sharing the most important thing that this world has ever known--the life-giving, life-changing, life-renewing love of the Savior. It is time for us to orientate ourselves to be invitational people, wel- coming others into our spaces, inviting them in to participate (or even to observe, if that is where their comfort level is), drawing others into a sacred relationship with the God who is already seeking after them, loving them, and wanting them to be in relationship with Him.

Friends, I pray for revival. I pray for it in my own spirit, I pray for it within our congregations, and I pray for it within the greater Church body. God is already in our midst, working out His glorious plan of salvation. We are called to participate in it, through our personal faith and through sharing what we have. May your hearts be re- freshed and renewed as you move deeper into your relationship with the Savior.