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Blooming Grove United Methodist Church
Monday, May 25, 2020
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Appointment of Pastor Kathy King - effective 6/30/2019


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May 2020 - Message From Pastor Kathy King


"Living in Spring Abundance"  


May is upon us! As we continue to follow our Bishop’s and Minnesota Governor’s request to stay home as much as possible, we know we will not be in our usual worship setting through May and that—when we do return—our worship will not be the same as it was on March 8, 2020. Your church leaders will be working to create a plan for our gradual return to our churches. Please keep them in your prayers during this time?

We are growing tired and anxious.

We are tired of not living as we used to—jumping in the car and going when we feel like it to where we feel like going and purchasing whatever we want from stores filled with an abundance of paper products, produce, and meat. These days, I am the grocery-getter with my mask on, hitting the aisles when those of us who are considered “at risk” get the early jump on the rest of the daily shoppers and I am constantly amazed at the empty shelving.

We are anxious about keeping our families safe and healthy. So, we learn all the best practices to socially distance ourselves from strangers, acquaintances, friends, and some of our family members. We wear masks that are restricting and feel so invasive. We keep our children close—even as we feel like we’ll never have a quiet moment again.

In the midst of all of this tiredness and anxiousness, Spring has the audacity to march on in just as it has since time began. The tulips are in full bloom down our front walk, the delphiniums are full of soft leaves with stalks reaching up to gather every bit of sunshine they can, the Lily of the Valley are shooting up and leafing out, and the grass is needing to be mowed for the first time. The abundance of Spring is everywhere—almost as though it’s ridiculing the virus that has changed so many things—"na, na, na! You can’t stop me!”

Let’s take a suggestion from Spring and live lives that reflect the abundance
Jesus came to provide. Let’s be abundantly thankful for life, for love, and for those in our lives we anxiously protect. Let’s be abundantly thankful for each beautiful soul who puts their fear in their back pocket and shows up to work their shift. Let’s be abundantly thankful that our church families continue to find ways to be the Church.

As each day draws to a close this Spring of 2020, know that your Pastor is abundantly thankful for each one of you.

Be well dear ones and keep washing those hands!